Facility Management System

Effective facility management is crucial for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of buildings and infrastructure. At TechnoRishi, we offer an all-in-one solution for facility management and maintenance. Our simplified platform streamlines the management of visitors, materials, work orders, bookings, and activities. Our cloud-based Facility Management Software Application automates processes, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances security for your facility.


Gate Pass Management System

Gate Pass Management software enables organizations to keep digital records of all visitors, materials, and vehicles entering and leaving their premises. Gate Pass provides an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface that adds to your organization's security mechanism while keeping your organization safe and secure. Learn More

Smart Check-in & Check-out
Barcode & QR Code Scanning
Manage Multi-Location
Image Capturing
Realtime View
Easy Integration
Powerful Web Dashboard

Business & Operations Management System

A Business and Operation Management System is a combination of methods and procedures that empowers an organization to efficiently manage business strategies and achieve the highest level of efficiency in day-to-day operations.Learn More

Monitor your Asset Smartly
Maintenance Planing
Cloud Based Solution
Automate Booking
Plan Asset Movement
Real-time Access
Flexible Space
Personalized Dashboard

Our Features

Organizations can benefit from using a Facility Management System in Several ways

Cost savings

Using asset tracking and preventive maintenance, organizations can reduce maintenance costs and avoid unexpected breakdowns. Additionally, it automates and monitors visitor and material movements within the facility.

Improved efficiency

Facilities Management Systems automate and streamline facility-related processes like asset management, maintenance, work orders, material gate passes, and visitor management, saving time and reducing errors.

Better space utilization

TechnoRishi Facilities Management Software (FMS) can assist firms in optimizing their space utilization by monitoring occupancy, tracking usage patterns, and discovering underutilized spaces.

Enhanced security

Utilizing TRCPL FMS, businesses can keep an eye on and control who has access to their facilities, data, and assets. It helps in increasing security and regulatory compliance at company facilities.

Real-time insights

TR Facility Management Systems can provide organizations with real-time data and insights about their facilities and assets, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Integration with other systems

TechnoRishi Facility Management Systems can integrate with other systems, such as accounting, procurement, and HR, which can eliminate redundancy and improve collaboration among different departments.

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